Our Purpose


Social Franchise Institute (SFI) is a new entity designed to support the development of “social franchises” (def. a nonprofit owned and/or operated franchised business) in the U.S. by stimulating thinking, providing foundational information and generating dialogue between nonprofit organizations and franchise companies.  SFI is an essential link between these two markets by providing information about existing social franchise activity, white papers and commentary on various elements germane to the concept and fostering educational activities to bring a broader focus to the sector.  The result will be an unparalleled source for knowledge on the concept and practice of Social Franchise activity with the goal of generating impact in the social sector through dramatically increasing nonprofits’ ability to generate wealth, stimulate economic development and job creation through engagement in the franchise sector. 

Company Description

The company is Social Franchise Institute, Inc., a Texas nonprofit corporation that provides information and educational services to nonprofits, foundations, corporations and other interested parties to create awareness, increase knowledge and foster meaningful dialogue regarding the concept and practice of Social Franchise.  SFI’s expertise stems from the experience of it’s founder and president, Dr. Benjamin C. Litalien, CFE, a veteran of the franchise community for over two decades who, over the last several years, has worked with hundreds of nonprofit organizations through his for profit consulting practice, Franchise Well, LLC to identify, plan, and execute earned income business ventures through acquiring franchise rights.  Ben is committed to fostering deep and objective dialogue between the nonprofit and franchise sector to empower nonprofit organizations with revenue generating activity, job creation opportunities and positive exposure for their charitable activities.  To accomplish this a balance is required to ensure that nonprofits are armed with sufficient information such that they are better able to create meaningful relationships with franchise companies in support of their mission. 

Mission Statement

To support nonprofit organizations in understanding the franchise community, identifying appropriate franchise partnerships, supporting favorable relationships, and providing educational content to foster strong social franchise activity.